Treating your insect bites with Aloe Vera

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It's summer time and due to covid and social distancing, we are all finding ourselves spending a lot of time outside. Regardless, lucky me, I love spending time outside. However, the thought of the daily "sunset swarm" of mosquitos ruins the love. In Arizona, it is hot, so many of us spend our weekends, heading north to find a cool spot in the pines or in a lake - sitting around our "camp fire in a can" no longer waiting for our friends, but our enemies - the pesky bugs. We don't have mosquitoes infected with Dengue fever in Arizona, and we cannot compare to the number of mosquitoes that our friends in the Midwest have, but let's face it, no matter where we live, these bugs are causing a different type of pandemic, surrounding us, annoying us, attacking us - and nothing is more irritating than an itchy insect bite.

However, there is a powerful antibacterial plant, which contains over 100 phytochemicals, vitamins and mineral that work together - to provide immediate relief from the bug itch, relieve the redness, and prevent an infection from occurring due to its antiseptic properties - Aloe Vera Gel!


Why Aloe Vera Gel Works

  • The Vitamin E found in abundance in aloe vera gel contributes to soothing the skin and reducing redness.

  • Aloe vera gel can also provide immediate pain relief, due to the presence of glycoproteins. These anti-inflammatory compounds work to reduce swelling and soothe the skin to minimize discomfort.

  • Aloe vera contains a multitude of anti-inflammatory compounds, such as lidocaine, which work to reduce swelling and inflammation caused by a wound. This will help accelerate the healing of the skin due to an insect bite.


Steps to Apply Aloe Vera on an Insect Bite

Use the following steps to properly use Aloe Vera on an insect bite:

  1. Clean the bite area throughly with warm water and a mild soap.

  2. Dry the affected area and apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera gel (Aloe Arizona Farm Pure Aloe) to your skin.

  3. Let the Aloe Vera Gel air dry on your skin.

  4. Leave your Aloe Vera Gel in the refrigerator. The cooling effect will help calm down any inflammation and swelling.

  5. Use this method several times a day until the itching and swelling subsides.


Finding Aloe Vera Gel

At Aloe Arizona Farm, we provide you with several options for bug relief, as well as many other Aloe Vera products. Our Pure Aloe can be applied directly on to the skin and used for many purposes, such as bites and burns. To avoid the initial bite, we suggest some preventative maintenance with our 100% Natural Bug Spray. To learn more about Aloe Vera and our farm, please visit us at

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