Losing a Furry Friend: A Tribute to Sammy

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” —

Anatole France

Losing a furry friend is so darn heart-wrenching painful! In October, after 17 years of life, this world lost one of the most amazing retrievers, Sammy. I have sat down several times, trying to find the words to express my sadness, but it only amounts to tears.

The loss of Sammy removed a source of unconditional love from our home, as well as a primary companion who provided us with security and a whole lot of comfort. After he was gone, the weeks of watching the other dogs try to find him and cry was painstaking to watch. He taught all of us responsibility, patience, playfulness, and kindness.

We would all give a whole lot to have him back again, for just one more dance, one more big yellow lab smile - I would let him steal every sock I own!

Sammy, thank you for sharing your home and your big heart with everyone. We deeply miss your big tail, your "babies" and your smile, forever.

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